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Evolved from very humble beginnings to a self-made multi-millionaire by age 30, I am now a leader, coach, and mentor and routinely engage others to “Inspire, Train and Propel” their lives and businesses forward. My main focus is on start-ups and developing early stage businesses.

Munif is a business savvy investor and entrepreneur with a passion for helping others and driving business success. He has a unique ability to spot trends and business opportunities and is a magnet for success.

Chris Bechtel, Managing Partner at Growth Engine Labs

Munif is a talented, self-made, and passionate entrepreneur. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him over the last several years, and have been impressed by his leadership skills and attention to detail. If you’re looking for someone that can help push and inspire you, then you should absolutely consider working with Munif and his team.

Sam SeligerDirector at Originate

Munif was an absolute joy to work with. His professionalism is immediately apparent, and he conducts himself with great candor. However, what is most impressive is that he is a man of ideas. He has a unique ability to bring new thoughts to the table in quick succession that inspire new ways of looking at an solving problems.

Noah AndradeCreative Director at Rebel Mothership Studios

A savvy, no-nonsense operator with a sixth-sense for success, who loves to bring people and companies together to achieve long-reaching goals. He has a wide range of experience, and brings it all to bear on whatever he is currently working on. Munif manages all of this with a great sense of humor, and is terrific to work with.

Jolon BankeySr. Consultant at SparkDigital

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