Have you been searching for the perfect productivity coach? If so, keep reading. Below we’re going to cover the top 12 steps to finding a productivity coach that will help you reach your goals.

12 Steps to Finding the Perfect Productivity Coach

Step One: Do Your Research

One of the first steps you’ll need to take in order to find the perfect productivity coach is to do your research. Nowadays, sites like Google and Yelp have actual customer reviews discussing their experience with businesses, services, and productivity coaches alike.

Step Two: Ask for Referrals

If you are determined to find the best coach don’t be afraid to ask to speak to past clients. Speaking with former clients and hearing their successes or frustrations can help give you true insight into coaches techniques and success rates.

Step Three: Ask for Certifications

Many productivity coaches have certifications from organizations such as the National Association of Productivity and Organization. If this is important to you, don’t be afraid to ask!

Step Four: Schedule a Discovery Meeting

If reviews, referrals, and certifications aren’t helping make your decision any easier, it doesn’t hurt to schedule a discovery meeting. A discovery meeting is non-committal and gives you the chance to reach out, ask questions, and get to know the coach. This is a great way to find the perfect fit for you especially if personality is a driving factor in your decision-making process.

Step Five: Make Sure They Listen

When you have your first meeting with a coach, make sure they are really listening to you. A coach that is on their computer, staring at their phone, or turning the conversation to their own accomplishments too often is usually a rotten egg.

Step Six: Focus on Positivity

A coach should always lead with positivity. Fear, humiliation, and negativity should never be a strategy used to help you stay motivated.

Step Seven: Ask about Goals

When it comes to productivity, the strategy is largely goal based. Ask coaches about their strategy and whether or not they include setting goals.

Step Eight: Be Open

Part of the work in finding a perfect productivity coach is being open-minded. Make sure you’re honest about your goals and what you’d like to work on.

Step Nine: Don’t Get Discouraged

With so many coaches out there you may quickly become overwhelmed with all of your choices. Don’t get discouraged; finding the right coach is worth the effort and wait.

Step Ten: Ask Questions

If you have any concerns or questions always ask. Asking questions is key to finding the perfect productivity coach.

Step Eleven: Avoid Confusion

If you and your coach don’t speak the same language or have the same ideals, it can be hard to have an effective relationship. Your coach should be able to communicate ideas to you in a way that’s both clear and makes sense to you in your situation.

Step Twelve: Communication Is Key

Lastly, but certainly not least, is communication. Effective communication from both you and your productivity coach will ensure your success. If something bothers you or isn’t working, speak up.

Productivity Starts Now

Now that you know the 12 steps to find the perfect productivity coach you can begin your search with confidence. Just remember that coaches should lead with positivity, communicate clearly and often, and be great listeners.

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